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The Consular Portal contains relevant information on consular assistance to Brazilian nationals abroad, links to the websites of Consular Offices (Embassies and Consulates), in addition to recommendations, warnings and alerts. The careful reading of the information in the Portal is always recommended prior to each trip. pt

Emergencies abroad

In cases of proven emergency abroad, there are several communication channels in order to immediately activate the Consular Offices (Embassies and Consulates). For this, the careful reading of the information available on the "Emergency cases abroad" of the Consular Portal is recommended. pt

Brazilians Returning Home

The Portal provides practical information to assist the returning home Brazilian in their process of readaptation, in areas such as work, family and finances. Full reading of the information available is recommended, with special attention to practical procedures that should be followed before and immediately after the return trip. pt

Consular Facebook

On the Facebook page of the Division of Consular Assistance (DAC), the unity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that provides assistance to Brazilians abroad, recent news and information and notifications about activities and consular services can be found. The page is updated daily with new publications, so that Brazilian citizens can receive real time useful information on consular matters. pt

Brazilians in the World

The "Brazilians in the World" Portal extends the dialogue between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Brazilian communities abroad, and of these communities among themselves. Through this website it is possible to obtain information on these communities, such as compilations about Brazilians abroad, population estimates and bibliographic references. The Portal also features news about activities of interest to Brazilian citizens living abroad, information about the conferences "Brazilians Abroad" and about the elections to the Council of Representatives of Brazilians Abroad. pt


Cases of non-acceptance of Brazilian citizens in other countries must be reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), for monitoring and possible action, including episodes involving allegedly arbitrary treatment. pt

Consular Ombudsman

The Consular Ombudsman is responsible for the processing of comments, suggestions, compliments and critiques regarding any and all consular activities of Brazilian consular offices abroad (Embassies and Consulates). pt
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