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Brazil attaches great importance to environmental issues and has been actively participating in international discussions related to climate change; conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; sustainable management of forests and water resources; fight against desertification; seas and oceans; conservation and management of Antarctic resources, among others.

Since 1992, when Brazil hosted the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, popularly known as the Rio Earth Summit, Brazilian diplomatic action has been aimed at contributing positively to building international consensus on promoting sustainable development, taking into account not only aspects related to environmental protection, but also their economic and social dimensions.

In 2012, Brazil hosted the biggest conference in the history of the United Nations, the Rio+20, and renewed its commitment to the promotion of development in its multiple aspects, particularly the eradication of poverty. In this context, Brazil seeks to ensure that the international commitments established in the environmental area reflect the needs and specific challenges of developing countries, and reinforce the commitments of developed countries in terms of Official Development Assistance and transfer of technology.

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