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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a Communications Department in Brasília for press assistance and institutional communication. The Department organizes press briefings, answers inquiries concerning the Brazilian foreign policy and diplomatic actions, publishes press releases and notes to the press and coordinates the foreign ministry’s communication initiatives. The Department staff supports journalists abroad in covering official missions of the president and the vice president of the Republic, and of the foreign minister.

The foreign ministry has several social media profiles with the objective of establishing communication channels and sharing information on the institution’s daily activities, as well as major events and initiatives of the Brazilian foreign policy. The profiles are managed by Brazilian posting/missions abroad and the Department of Social Communications.

In coordination with all areas of the Ministry and the network of Embassies, Missions, Offices, Consulates and Vice Consulates, the Department of Social Communications assists in the promotion of Brazil’s image abroad and in the interaction of the Ministry and its employees with the Brazilian and foreign civil societies.



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