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Regional integration


  With over two decades of existence, the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) is the most comprehensive initiative of regional integration implemented in Latin America. MERCOSUR members (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay - founding members, and Venezuela, which completed its accession process in the middle of 2012) encompasses approximately 72% of the territory of South America (12.8 million km2, equivalent to three times the area of the European Union); 70% of...

Union of South American Nations - UNASUR

Regional integration is a priority for Brazilian diplomacy. Brazil

Community of Latin American and Caribbean States

In December 2008, Brazil took the initiative to call up the first Summit

The Latin American Integration Association (ALADI-LAIA)

The Latin American Integration Association (ALADI, its initials in

Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization - ACTO

The Amazon region, given its enormity and peculiarities, is a key

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