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What does Itamaraty do?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also known as Itamaraty, is responsible for Brazilian foreign policy and international relations in bilateral, regional and multilateral levels. The Ministry advises the President of the Republic on foreign policy and on the implementation of diplomatic relations with States and international organizations.

With a network of over 220 diplomatic representations abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes Brazil´s interests abroad, gives assistance to Brazilian citizens and supports Brazilian companies in all regions of the world.

Furthermore, it organizes the official visits of Heads of State and Government and other high foreign officials to Brazil, as well as prepares the visits of the President of the Republic, as well as of the Vice-President of the Republic and of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to other countries.


Structure of Itamaraty

Itamaraty has an integrated network of Embassies and Consulates abroad and many units in Brazil.
The organization chart of the Ministry is available here.

Subdivisions in Brazil

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headquartered in Brasilia, comprises the bodies providing direct assistance to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary General of Foreign Affairs, in addition to nine Undersecretariats General - with their respective Coordinating Offices, Departments and Divisions - and the Rio Branco Institute. Some decentralized subdivisions are also added to this structure: nine Representation Offices and the Brazilian Commissions for Limits Demarcation.

Official Representations abroad

Itamaraty has a network of 226 official representations, in 138 countries, consisting mainly of diplomatic (152) and consular (70) missions. The embassies are responsible for representing and negotiating the interests of the Brazilian Government in the countries where they are located. The consulates provide assistance to Brazilian citizens abroad.

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